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That All the Church be mobilized to reach All People – the unreached and those “who have distanced themselves from faith” (Benedict xvi)


Equip and mobilize 133 million Catholics to become Missionary Disciples

Reaching every Diocese, every parish, more than 25,000 organizations Globally – the largest every Church Consortium for the Fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Mt 28: 18-28

First Phase

Mobilizing of Leaders/ Pastors and Bishops through Regional Summits and vision sharing opportunities.

Second Phase

Reaching all using the Pray-Care-Share approach.

To achieve this Global2033 we will:

(1) Partner

Collaborate with other global movement coalition efforts to form collective impact alliances.

(2) Direct Training

Develop & deploy Prayer – Care – Share.

What steps can I take?

There are 5 steps you can take to join this Global Consortium and become a part of the 2033 Mission. You decide how much you can commit.

(1) Commitment

For the Great Commission. Read and Sign it.

(2) Daily Prayer

At 20.33 (8:33PM) all join for about a 33 seconds;

(3) Monthly

“Every first Friday of the month pray/fast”.

(4) Pentecost weekend Annual

Virtual Global Prayer gathering – weekend of Pentecost: 24 hours prayer campaign: Friday noon Jerusalem time to Saturday 5 pm Rome time every year with an hour all together on Zoom or other means 4pm – 5pm.

(5) The month of May

Specially dedicated for Prayer – Care – Share

Global 2033 Strategy includes formation,and best practices offered, in person and remotely,  to mobilize every diocese, parish and organization  worldwide to raise at local level Missionary Disciples that ALL of the Church would be “a missionary church”