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Partners/Leaders endorsing G33

Join the Momentum as Leaders of Organization/Parish/Dioceses aiming to become 5,000+ institutions.

Join the momentum in three easy steps

Download the “Commitment Towards 2033”  document.


Sign the document

Email the signed document to

As you sign your name will be added to the list of Partners and Endorsers

Make sure that you have also signed the 20:33 Global Prayer. Share the 20:33 prayer with all your group and have them signed- in the 20:33 Global Prayer.

Currently the Global Prayer Campaign has two phases. Each person can decide how much to commit. Each level of commitment grows from one to another.

This is all about sharing the Good news. 

We use the Pray – Care – Share approach.


(1) Global: that all hear the Good News;

(2) Local: neighbors, friends, family.


Meet a pressing need in a way that costs you something.


Tell your story about your personal encounter with Jesus;


  • Pd Eduardo Dougherty – Founder and President Lord Jesus Association/ Rede Seculo 21- Brazil
  • Fr. Alexandre Pacioli – Founder/ Moderator- Olhar Misericordioso – Brazil
  • Fr. Cristobal Fones SJ Delegate of Formation: Jesuits, Chile
  • P. Luis Fernando Soares – Founder: Caminho do Discípulo – Brazil
  • Fernando Nascimento – Alpha Brazil/ Former CCR – Brazil
  • Fr. Joao Henrique – Founder- Covenant of Mercy Community – Brazil
  • Pd. Djalma Siqueira – Servants of the Word, VG of Diocese Sao Jose dos Campos-Brazil
  • Mr. Jesus Rosales – Archdiocese of Mexico
  • Fr. Alberto Gambarini- Founder / President Kyrios Encounter – Brazil
  • Tony Laurey- Belgium Sword of the Spirit – Belgium, Charis European Leader
  • Peter Dippl – Germany, Co -founder Gathering in the Holy Spirit -GHS/ Ministry to Jews and Muslims
  • Pastor Rick Warren – Finishing The Task- USA
  • Andreas Sauter – Germany: “Elijah21” Ministry to Muslims in diaspora/Global2033
  • Andrea Gadau – Elijah21 – Germany
  • Olaf Franke – International Charismatic Consultation – ICC, Germany
  • Henry Cappello – Global2033 – Executive Director/CiV – President
  • Dr. Sabina Cappello Lee – Marriage and Family Ministry S. Korea/USA
  • Jeff Lockert – Canada: President – Catholic Christian Outreach/Global2033
  • Olivier Fleury- President, JC2033 Switzerland
  • Sunny Manoj – India Jesus Youth Formation Director – India/Global2033
  • Raiju Vanghese: Jesus Youth Former International Director – India
  • GianLuigi Diana – Italy – Magnificat Dominum/ CiV – Uganda Mission Director
  • Corrado di Gennaro- CiV International/ Global 2033 – Italy
  • Flavio Lavoro – Italy – General Moderator- Magnificat Dominum – Italy
  • Michelle Moran – Italy – Former ICCRS President , Founder, Zion Community- UK
  • Randy Raus – President, Life Teen, USA
  • Kitty Kay Shuttleworth – Global Senior VP, Alpha/ Director Church Engagement-UK
  • Nicky Gumbel – UK – Alpha International Director and President-UK
  • Profs Leny Di Lorenzo: University of Notre Dame
  • Dr. Bruno Ierullo- Catch the Fire Ambassador for Christian Unity -Canada
  • Dr. Bev. Upton Williams – USA: Haggai International, CEO -USA
  • Pete Howard – USA Accord -USA
  • Dr. Tim O’Malley: Director of Education/ McGrath Institute for Church Life/ ND Univ
  • Erick Schenkel: Former President Jesus Film/ Global2033 -USA
  • Werner Nachtigall: Founder Go-Movement Switzerland
  • Josh Newell: Jesus Film President -USA
  • Holly Newell: Jesus Film Orlando office USA
  • Pastor Dott. Giovanni Traettino – President: Chiesa Evangelica della Riconciliazione – Italy
  • Fr. Dominic Sultana – Gozo, Malta
  • Matteo Calisi – Co-Founder United in Christ/Global2033-Italy
  • Dr. Ciro Fusco – Chair Charis – Italy, Comunita’ Gesu’ Ama
  • Mario Landi – RNS – Rinnovamento nello Spirito, Italy
  • Dorothea Ludwig- Ast National Leader -Youth 2000 – Germany
  • Rev. Ashley Wilson – Asst. Dir. Empowered 21/obo #2033 -USA
  • Paolo Maino Charis, General Secretary,-Vatican
  • Dott. Ruggero Zanon, President – Via Pacis-Italy
  • Dr. John Yocum Sword of the Spirit International
  • Beat Baumann – International Director Go movement- Switzerland
  • Profs. Mary Ann Glendon: Former Ambassador to Holy See/Profs of Law ( emerita) Harvard University,
  • Dan Celluci – Catholic Leadership Institute – CEO-USA
  • Jose Montero – CIV USA – Spain/Global2033
  • John Robb- Prayer Movement – USA
  • Deacon Bong Nidea Couples for Christ – Philippines
  • Rev. Young Cho International Director, Billion Soul Harvest – Novo Asia. S. Korea
  • Dr. James Hwang Founder and Visionary, Billion Soul Harvest – Seoul, S. Korea
  • Dr Dario Mobili WYD -Italy
  • Fr Bernard de Terves: Paris, MEP – France
  • Sis Techie Rodriguez: Founder, The Lord’s Flock Community – Philippines
  • Albert Galea Ev2033 European Director – Ireland/Malta
  • Bishop. Andrzej Siemieniewski, Bishop of Legnica. Poland
  • Dr. Martin Buehlmann Founder, Vineyard – Bern/ Together for Europe sr
  • Dr. Matthias Buehlmann – Switzerland
  • Craig Springer VP Barna Group / Global2033 – USA
  • Solomon Lujan Seed Company – Sr. Director of Global Prayer – USA add email
  • Scott Richert, Publisher, Our Sunday Visitor
  • Dr.Hannah Vaughan-Spruce.Executive Director, Divine Renovation
  • Dcn. Darrell Wentworth: Executive Producer for CMAX Media
  • Craig Carter Intel Corporation (Retired), Corporate Marketplace Ministries
  • Lordan Ljubenkov – CHARIS / Legal ,Journalist – Croatia
  • Scott Beck – Gloo Founder – USA add on list
  • Jason Benedetti CiV Global/Global2033
  • Keith Tigue CiV Global /Global2033
  • Grace Anne Pancho: Ev. Rallies- Philippines
  • Joselito Molina: Inter. Cord. Lord’s Flock
  • Mrs. Jocelyn Molina – Philippines
  • Romeo Fernando: Community of Good Shepherd – Founder, India
  • Henry Earl Jr. – Gibraltar
  • Daniel Le Mauff – Co- President, Debout Resplendis – France
  • Maryse Le Mauff Founder, President, Debout Reslendis – France
  • Amerigo Vecchiarelli, Director, SIR agency – Italy
  • Padre Johannes Rotharmel CP – Passionist Father, Germany
  • Alessandro Sona: Alpha -Italia
  • Oreste Pesare: Magnificat – Rome/ Africa
  • Damien Boyer – France Film producer
  • David Metreau – France Film producer
  • Maria Gonzalez: alpha Catholic Europe Director
  • Edwin Fawcett: UK worship Leader
  • John Abela: Libyan Friends – Rome
  • Werner Nachtigal: Go Movement: International President – Switzerland
  • Antonio Mascielo Magnifact Dominum
  • Leonardo Villani  Magnifact Dominum
  • Maria Carla Farci Worship team
  • Laura Lenzi Servizio Canto MD
  • Marco Tornese Servizio Canto
  • Anna Mucciarone Comunita’ Foggia
  • Debora Asoni – Comunita’ Sardegna

The  “LoveSeparation Solution (God’s answer: Jesus Christ) – Response